Med MDIO Oustanding Project Awards 2016/17
1st Prize
Zero Waste Antoura
Rotaract Club of Sahel Metn, Lebanon

The Rotaract Club of Sahel Metn from RD 2452, Lebanon won with its MED Nature project ”Zero Waste Antoura” the first Prize during the Med MDIO Oustanding Project Awards 2016/17! The Club received its citation during the Mediterranean Convention (MEDICON) 2017 which took place in Makarska last April! Below you can find Information about the winning project!

Lebanon has been suffering since July 2015 from a garbage crisis, which has left its streets filled with piled up rotting trash. Despite the failure of a governmental resolution, a group of young and committed citizens pioneered a vision towards a Zero Waste town in Antoura – Keserwan by implementing a complete sustainable solution for repurposing its solid waste

Our solution consisted of developing an affordable municipal solid waste (MSW) sorting and composting center model. Out of the municipalities we reached out to, the Municipality of Antoura – Keserwan showed true commitment and shared the same vision. The center shall serve the short and medium-term waste management requirements and shall reduce the need for discarding waste by 80%. The total cost to carry out this project is 75,000$.
The three phases have been already successfully implemented and executed.
• Sorting at the Source: A Wet/Dry (Organic/Non-Organic) sorting strategy, established by Antoura Municipality in summer 2015, recorded 90% compliance by its 4,000 citizens.
• Constructing a Sorting Center: It was brought to life in April 2016 in partnership with Rotaract Club of AUB, Rotaract Club of Beirut Center, Rotary Club of Beirut Cedars and the Municipality of Antoura to provide the town with an independent and sustainable facility to sort their non-organic waste.
• Constructing a Composting Center: It is the biggest step towards the vision of a Zero Waste town.This center will treat the organic waste, which forms more than 50% of Antoura’s waste.

Partners: Rotaract Club of Paris Quai d’Orsay and the Municipality of Antoura

The total estimated cost of this composting center is 54,000$ (The cost of implementation was approved and finalized after thorough research was conducted to identify suppliers providing the lowest cost for the needed quality of service and supplies). 32,000$ were covered by the municipality and other partners, leaving the 22,000$ that were raised by our crowdfunding finance project.
The success of the implemented composting project will help Antoura to divert 80% of its solid waste from land-filling and burning, a figure higher than any other town in Lebanon! 

The impact of this project is not only limited to the area of Keserwan, it presents a model for a national solution for waste if, and hopefully when, replicated in other towns in Lebanon.

The lebanese Rotaractor Tiffany Geara receives the Award from the Med MDIO President Paul Sampatakakis during the MEDICON 2017 Croatia.