Upcoming Mediterranean Events

Mediterranean Meeting – M2R @ Venice, Italy
Nov 16 – Nov 19 all-day

M2R is the Mediterranean Rotaract Meeting of Rotaract Med MDIO.

This year the event will be host by District 2060 and it will happen in Venice from the 16th to the 19th of November 2017.


Founded in the 5th Century AD, Venice has been a major maritime power, with a strategic position at the heart of the Mediterranean trading scene. The length of its shores was extended around the eastern Mediterranean, to the islands of the Ionian Sea and to Crete. Thanks to the Mediterranean sea, vital in its this development, Venice became one of the most prosperous cities in Europe.

Nowadays, walking through the fish market in Rialto, sailing on a gondola or sunbathing in Lido beaches, the presence of the Mediterranean identity in the city is undeniable: we are just waiting for you in Venice, to fill it up with even more Mediterraneans!

Pre-Medicon RYLA Kos
Apr 23 – Apr 26 all-day

The Pre – trip for Medicon 2018 Greece will be hosted in Kosisland, in the Dodecanese, not far from Rhodes. After an initiative of Rotary District 2470, a RYLA will be hosted in Kos

by the local Rotary Club, with the assistance of RC Kifissia-Politeia in Athens and several Rotarians and Rotaractors of the district.

Kos is a beautiful island, and a favorite location of many visitors every year! It is the birthplace of famous Hippocrates, one of the founders of Medicine as a science, and the location of the Asklepieion, one of the oldest and largest healing centers of antiquity. The castle of the Knights of Rhodes and the old town that surrounds it are the focal point of the capital.

Pre – Medicon will begin on Monday the 23d of April, with most of the day devoted to arrivals. Tuesday will be devoted to RYLA, and during most of Wednesday you will have the chance to tour the island and its sights. RYLA nights are legendary and you will have a great time with your RYLA mates!

Accommodation will be provided in a resort hotel on one of the largest and more impressive beaches of the island, and right next to the Alyki salt flats, a protected natural area and a favorite hotspot of countless flamingoes!

The RYLA will strive to expand and establish leadership and communication skills. A must for any rotaractor, RYLAs are one of the most memorable experiences Rotary has to offer to its youth branch.

Sponsored by Kos Rotary Club, RC Kifissia Politeia and 2470 Rotary District, Pre Medicon has a low participation fee, which includes accommodation for three nights, meals (at least breakfast and one other meal per day), and the transfer to Rhodes by ferry on Thursday evening, right when Medicon proper will be getting into high gear!

Mediterranean Convention – MEDICON Greece 2018 @ Rhodes, Greece
Apr 26 – Apr 29 all-day

MEDICON GREECE 2018 will be held in the island of Rhodes in Spring 2018

MEDICON is the annual conference of the Med MDIO (a Rotaract Multi-district Information Organisation) http://med-mdio.org/

Med MDIO was founded in 2013, in order to “serve Rotaractors on the Mediterranean area. The Med MDIO consistis out of 15 Mediterranean Countries, 18 Rotary Districts, reaching more than 400 Rotaract Clubs”.

Post-Medicon Turkey @ Marmaris, Ephesus and Izmir
Apr 29 – May 2 all-day

This year’s post Medicon will bring for the first time two countries together: Greece, and our neighbor, Turkey. A trip from Rhodes to Izmir, along the Aegean Coast, is the best way to celebrate the newest member to Med MDIO and a long friendship between our districts!

Sunday 29/ 04/ 2018

On Sunday we shall depart from Rhodes to Marmaris by ferry. The scheduled trip is at 9:00 am, however if a later one becomes available, we will use the evening ferry.  Marmaris is a beautiful coastal town, hardly 1 – 2 hours from Rhodes, depending on the type of ferry. After having lunch there and touring the city, dinner and a welcoming night out, are in order. Ending a busy day, we’ll spend the night in Marmaris.

Monday 30/ 04/ 2018

After breakfast, we’ll take the bus and head right for Bodrum, location of the famous Castle of St. peter and site of ancient Halicarnassus.  After touring the town, we’ll have lunch and visit the site of Ancient Didyma, location of the Oracle of Apollo, where the impressive remains of one of the largest ancient temples still stand. After dinner in Bodrum, we shall depart for Izmir, and spend the night there.

Tuesday 01/ 5/ 2018

From Izmir we will depart for Ancient Ephesus, one of the most prosperous and famous Cities of Antiquity. Its impressive remains, streets, theater and libraries still standand welcome thousands of visitors. The picturesque village of Sirince will also be part of our visit. After lunch, we will head back to Izmir and have a walk in this great city, the third largest in Turkey. Dinner then, and finally a Good-Bye Party. Accommodation will be provided in Izmir, and Wednesday will be free day for departure!

M2R Hurghada 2018 @ Hurghada, Egypt
Sep 13 – Sep 16 all-day

Join us for the Mediterranean Meeting (M2R) 2018! Egypt awaits or you! All the info in the Official Facebook Page www.facebook.com/M2RHurghada/