Best MED Dinner Project :
Taste of the World 3
Rotaract Club Alexandria Marine Star, Egypt

The Rotaract Club of Alexandria Marine Star from RD 2451, Egypt won with its project ”Taste of the World 3” the Award Citation for the Best MED Dinner Project of the year! The Club received its citation during the Mediterranean Convention (MEDICON) 2017 which took place in Makarska last April! Below you can find Information about the winning project!

From city to city, country to country and continent to continent there are a variety of traditions and cultures! It is known that each country has its own cultures which can be reflected in its cuisines.
Rotaract club of Alexandria Marine-Star acknowledges this belief. Therefore, its Rotaractors carried out the project called Taste of the World, for a third year in a row!
This is a mega joint project that conjoins 17 Mediterranean clubs to exchange different cultures through their cuisine.

The clubs that participated in the project include:

  • Rotaract club of Essec Tunis – Rotaract club of Carthage Amiclar- Rotaract Club of Universte Alegr – Rotaract club of Hippocrate – Rotaract club of Tetouan Tamouda (R.I.D 9010) Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria
  • Rotaract club of Saida – Rotaract club of Beirut Metropolitan – Rotaract club of Tripoli De Mina – Rotaract club of Nicosia (R.I.D 2452) Lebanon, Cyprus
  • Rotaract club of Sevinca – Rotaract club of Slovenj Gardec (R.I.D 1912) Slovenia
  • Rotaract club of Glyfada (R.I.D 2470) Greece
  • Rotaract club of Avellino Est (R.I.D 2100) Italy
  • Rotaract club of Podgorica (R.I.D 2483) Montenegro
  • Rotaract club of Panorama (R.I.D 2484) Greece
  • Rotaract club of Toulouse Saint Expury (R.I.D 1700) France
  • Rotaract club terr’azur (R.I.D1730) France

The project was completed in two phases.  The first phase was to assemble a cookbook by gathering the recipes from each Rotaract club. The second phase was to transform the recipes into delicious food on a plate!

Link of the Cookbook:

The second phase was done on the 2nd of December by Rotaract club of Alexandria Marine-Star (R.I.D 2451) by making five of the recipes in the cookbook.

These recipes are: moussaka, lasagna, taboula, pissadelera, and kibba!
The gathering was very culture oriented where several games were played to enhance the clubs knowledge of the Med MDIO and the culture of the Mediterranean countries. Learning the cultures of these countries had a great impact on everyone and broadened their horizons.

And in the following photos we can see the second phase done by Rotaract Club of Alexandria Marine Star, Rotaract Club of Tripoli El Mina, Rotaract Club of Nicosia and Rotaract Club Podgorica!

Rotaract Club Alexandria Marine Star, RD 2451 Egypt

Rotaract Club of Nicosia, RD 2452 Cyprus
Rotaract Club of Tripoli El Mina, RD 2452 Lebanon

Rotaract Club Podgorica, RD 2483 Montenegro

The Med MDIO President 2016/17 Paul Sampatakakis together with the Med MDIO Country Representative & International Coordinator Raghda Elroumy during the MEDICON 2017 Croatia.