4 Rotaract Clubs deliver Solidarity Christmas Trees to the people of Paris in December 2017 – 3rd edition

What a better time of the year to have people think of solidarity and helping others than Christmas even though they’re overbooked? That’s what we’re counting on, especially when we deliver at home an essential element of decoration associated with a very helpful and handy service.

The recipe? Put together the following :

  • a vast campaign of communication through our professional, personal and associative network.
  • Training and task descriptions for the volunteers new to the operation
  • Logistics planned ahead with itineraries/timing ready for 3 simultaneous delivery teams
  • Good communication between the volunteers and with the clients so that they know ahead when they will receive their tree so that they can be present.
  • Strong commitment of the volunteers involved

With a preparation over 2 months involving 4 Rotaract Clubs (district 1660) & a group of Scouts, 26 volunteers took turns in delivering 207 trees over 2 weekends. A profit of over 2500 € was generated, of which 100% goes to various solidarity causes, as education in Marocco with Association Enfants du Désert, emergency shelters with SOS Attitude, Handicap International France

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The partners : 3 Rotaract Clubs + ours + scouts + 1 solidarity organisation + 1 rotary club.

Rotaract Club Paris Champs-Elysées
Rotaract Club de Versailles
Rotaract Club de Paris
Club Rotary Saint Nom la Bretèche
Secours populaire des Yvelines

Video here or here!