Save Earth – Save Environment!

Because of the fact that the environment is an essential factor in the survival of the human species and all living creatures, it is crucial for us to acknowledge our responsibility and duty to keep it clean, for the environment is Earth and Earth is our home.

For this reason, 17 Rotaract clubs from around the globe have come hand in hand to carry on this message by creating a project called Save Earth Save Environment”, which is a part of MED Nature Initivatite(8 clubs from the MED MDIO and the other 9 around the world)!


These 17 clubs include:

-Rotaract club Tizi-Ouzou and Rotaract club Alger Renaissance, Algeria, Rotaract club of Essec Tunis, Tunisia R.I.D 9010

-Rotaract club of North Bay, USA R.I.D 7010

-Rotaract Club of Bahrain and Rotaract Club of Larnaca Kition from Cyprus R.I.D 2452

-Rotaract Club of Dahran Ghopa, Nepal R.I.D 3292

-Rotaract Club Cagliari and Rotaract Club of Campus Salerno, Italy R.I.D 2080

-Rotaract Club  Glyfada, Greece R.I.D 2470

-Rotaract Club of matopos, Zimbabwe R.I.D 9210

-Rotaract Club of Chetumal and Rotaract Club of Guadalajara Puerta, Mexico R.I.D 4195

-Rotaract Club of Valenzuela, Philippines R.I.D 3800

-Rotaract Club of ECU, Nepal R.I.D 3292

-Rotaract Club of university of Canberra, Australia R.I.D 9710

-Rotaract Club of Damanhour Capital, Egypt R.I.D 2451

This project was initiated by the Rotaract club of Alexandria Marine Star RID 2451 and strives to raise activities which serve the environment. These activities encompass three fields; go green, pure water, and media coverage. Every club should do two activities. The main focus of the activities include recycling plastic and paper, cleaning litter, planting, green sessions for children, donating water filters and systems, and last but not least sharing environmental facts for raising awareness.

1. Rotatact Club of Alexandria Marine Star while doing a cleanup
2. Rotaract Club Glyfada while doing a cleanup
3. Rotaract Club Essec Tunis while giving a green awareness session
4. Rotaract Club of ECU while giving a green awareness session
5. Rotaract Club Cagliari while doing a tree planting
6. Rotaract Club of Guadalajara Puerta while collecting papers for recycling
7. Rotaract Club Dharan Ghopa while doing a cleanup followed by a tree planting
8. Rotaract Club of Laranka kition while doing a cleanup and sending plastics for recycling
9. Rotaract Club Valenzuela while doing a tree planting
10. Rotaract Club Chetumal while doing a tree planting
11. Rotaract Club Tizi-Ouzou & Rotaract club Alger Renaissance while doing a seed planting
12. Rotaract Club of North Bay while doing a cleanup


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