MED Love: Rotaract Club Napoli creates a film Library at Oncological Department for Children!

On Sunday the 20th November, Rotaract Club Napoli inaugurated the first film library for little patients of the Pediatric Oncology Department at the I Policlinico Hospital of Naples!


The film library is composed by over 80 DVDs donated by Rotaract Club Napoli, Capua Antica e Nova and Salerno members. They were chosen for children and teenagers that live in the hospital till they heal completely. For some Rotaractors, it was the first experience in an oncology department, but the smile of one little patient, Giuseppe, was enough to make us forget about our own routine and issue.

Another little patient, Valeria, with her strength and inexhaustibility changed the monotony of an usual Sunday in something magical, a fight with balloons,  swords and flowers in a fantastic castle and a walk all together that fill the hospital’s air with hope.

Is this enough to make children and their relatives happy? Shelves full of movies could hopefully help. A space where a child can choose a move-title, escape for 100 minutes from its difficult reality and dream of a normal life..