RacExchange ‘Visit Tunisia’

RacExchange ‘Visit Tunisia’ was a corporation between two districts: 9010 & 2451, organized by the Tunisian Rotaract Clubs “Tanit Carthage” & “Sidi bou Said el Beji”.

The trip took place from October 23 to October 30; our friends from Egypt and Jordan came to explore our beautiful country.

A new bond of friendship was born. We spent a great time together; it was exciting to discover new people with different accents and traditions. We never forget our crazy laughs, our great jokes and especially our late midnight talks in Sidi Bou Said about the beauty of our countries, our travels, and our life experiences.

Our guests were pleased to taste the Tunisian food: the famous couscous was on the list top as expected! In addition to culinary specialties, they were interested in our buildings ‘architectural: Sidi Bou Said & the Medina of Tunis got their entire admiration.

This opportunity does not enable us just to discover different cultures and countries but also make a strong friendship that lasts forever.

Believe or not, all ROTARACT members keep in mind that sad moment when we said goodbye and shared the last moment together in the airport.

Fortunately, we are planning to see each other soon to share other unforgettable moments.

This kind of ROTARACT international projects allow us to know we are here in this world for a reason, we are here to promote peace and we are always here for each other.

Wissal Marzougui

Director of international actions

Rotaract Club Tanit Carthage,Tunisia