Med MDIO Oustanding Project Awards 2016/17
Mediterranean Prize for Peace
Civil Defence Project
Rotaract Club of Metn, Lebanon

The Rotaract Club of Metn from RD 2452, Lebanon won with action Civil Defence Project the Mediterranean Prize for Peace 2016/17! The Club received its award during the Mediterranean Convention (MEDICON) 2017 which took place in Makarska last April!

Read below the article about their project!

Over the years, the Rotaract Club of Metn has continuously taken a closer and deeper look on the Lebanese society aiming to  accomplish as many community services as possible, serving the needy, the elderly, children as well as anyone else with no differentiation of race, religion or political view.

On Monday, the 22nd of August 2016, we organized a fundraising in the club “Seven Sisters”, Beirut, in order to execute our community service project with the Lebanese Civil Defense in Dhour Choueir.
The major goal of our project was to build a fully operational center and to acquire the equipment they needed in order to fulfill the need of the Metn sector. We wanted to allow them to be more efficient and save more lives. We raised around 40,000$ with the help of sponsors and provided them with all the necessary material!

The center has been fully renovated (it has been fully painted, false ceiling and curtains has been installed, brick pergola has been built) and other equipment has been offered to make it a fully operational center such as tire chains for bulldozers, mattresses for the volunteers, oven, fridge, Hoover.

We had our inauguration ceremony to celebrate this huge success on Saturday June 17, 2016 where we invited all the sponsors, the Civil Defense team and all the people involved.