MEDCulture is a secondary Rotaract Med MDIO Project whose aim is to enhance the international understanding among Rotaract Clubs and Rotaractors of the Mediterranean Countries by sharing different cultural activities and items such as traditional recipes, costumes, music, dances, drinks and… much more!

This project shall be a glorious celebration of Mediterranean Culture among Rotaractors in the Med!

Contact other Clubs from the Med MDIO family and collaborate with them! Time to share your traditions from one side of the Mediterranean Sea to the other. This project can be a cultural exchange between two Clubs or an independent project of one Club.

 The evaluation form is going to be sent to the participating Clubs on the 15th of February 2018!
Rotaract Clubs that executed Med MDIO Projects and submitted their evaluation forms will be automatically eligible candidates for the Med MDIO Outstanding Awards 2017/18!
Deadline for evaluation forms: 15th of March 2018!

Ways to participate