1st Mediterranean Rotaract Meeting
M2R Cyprus 2016!

Last November, during the Rotarian Year 2016/17, a new international Rotaract event came to life:
The Mediterranean Rotaract Meeting (M2R)!

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Rotaract Med MDIO’s M2R is the successor of the Mediterranean Board Convention (MBC), an event during which the Med MDIO board members of each year would meet in order to get to know each other better. With the beginning of the 4th year of the Med MDIO, the decision of changing completely the character of this event was made and a successful M2R became part of our reality!

This four-day international event that is going to be held twice each Rotarian year in the Mediterranean Region and will always be available for every Rotaractor and Rotarian became part of the Med MDIO guidelines last July. The name M2R is given echoing the water molecule H2O, in honour of the Mediterranean Sea!

The very first M2R took place last November in Nicosia, Cyprus!
The heads of the Cypriot HOC team, consisting of the Med MDIO Country Representative Cyprus 2016/17 Anthi Panteli, the Vice DRR 2452 Christos Alexandrou. the ERIC Country Representative Cyprus Justin Hadjilambris together with many other Cypriot Rotaractors, did an excellent work and managed to organize the event in the best possible way!

Nine members of the Med MDIO team attended the M2R Cyprus!
The President Paul Sampatakakis, Vice President Kostas Imprialos, Social Media Coordinator Christine Emil, Rotary Delegate Rovertos Hanadjias, Sergeant at Arms Maria Vitoria Gargiulo, CR Cyprus Anthi Panteli, CR Greece Alexandros Kyrkillis, CR Montenegro Tamara Bujkovic and CR Malta David Demicoli!

The event started on the 17th of November 2016. The first participants were welcomed by the Cypriot team at the Larnaca International Airport and a welcome tour in the Capital of Cyprus for the early arrivals of Thursday took place! At the end of the day, the participants took a lovely walk by the sea in the City of Limassol and spent the rest of the evening in an English pub for dinner and drinks!

On Friday, the Rotaractors made a day trip to one of the most beautiful traditional villages of Cyprus, at Lefkara! They visited the local Museum and enjoyed Cypriot traditional sweets and lunch! On the afternoon, the country booths gave them the opportunity to learn more about each other’s country and tradition, many Rotaractors have brought their country’s flag, traditional food and drinks! The country booths ended with the opening ceremony of the M2R Cyprus where the Cypriot HOC team and the Med MDIO President welcomed everyone. The evening closed perfectly at a local tavern with a neverending food, wine and music!


The 3rd day started very early with the Rotaract Academy! The VRDD 2452 Christos Alexandrou definitely broke the ice with a bear-hunting workout! During the first two hours, the DRR 2452 Julio Coredor talked about the Rotaract District 2452 t which also contains Cyprus among 9 countries while the VDRR 2452 Christos shared the latest updates regarding Rotaract Cyprus! The PDRR 2452 Emil J. Moawad gave a more personal touch by sharing personal Rotaract experiences! The Med MDIO President Paul Sampatakakis held an all-around presentation about the Med MDIO and promoted the Med MDIO Projects initiatives ( MED Love, MED Nature, MED Dinner ) as well as the Med MDIO events ( MEDICON Croatia 2017 , M2R Summer 2017 ) of the Rotarian year 2016/17.
On the second part of Rotaract Academy, all Rotaractors participated in an interactive game, the goal of which was to highlight Rotaract principals. On this guessing-game the participants werede divided in teams, each team had to act, sing or mute-act in order to help the rest guess which Rotaract principal they took! Last but not least, the Rotaract Academy ended with a hilarious Rotaract quiz!


On the afternoon, the monthly Med MDIO meeting of November took place! Various matters regarding were discussed among the M2R participants of the team and the online members participating in the meeting. The DRR 2452 Julio was also invited to join the meeting since the MEDICON 2017 and the District Conference RD2452 are going to take place together in Croatia next April!

On Saturday evening, everyone got ready for the elegant M2R Gala dinner that took place in the hotel Semeli! More than 100 Rotaractors and Rotarians joined! Once again, a lot of tasty food, countless of photographs along with a great mood accompanied the last evening of the event! During the M2R Gala, a British Rotaractor who honored us by being the official photographer of our event, Craig Leon Simons, Vice President of Rotaract club of Hampstead, Hendon & Golders Green, has been awarded from the Med MDIO President and DRR 2452 for his awesome photos that will help promote our Med MDIO! On Sunday morning the M2R Cyprus had officially come to an end.

gala-teamThe 9 participating Med MDIO members during the M2R Cyprus Gala Dinner!

The very first Mediterranean Rotaract Meeting was a great success! Many thanks to the Cypriot HOC team and all its members as well as to the Rotaractors that supported the Med MDIO with their attendance! We hope to see you again during our next Med MDIO events!

Our major event MEDICON Croatia 2017 is up next April! Save the dates (27-30 April 2017) and book your packages here: http://www.rotaract-medicon.com/

You will find all the photos of the M2R Cyprus 2016 on the facebook page of our M2R Cyprus – Photographer Craig L. Simons:
M2R Cyprus 2016 – Gala Dinner

M2R Cyprus 2016 – Rotaract Academy 

Μ2R Cyprus 2016 – Opening Ceremony & Country Booths

M2R Cyprus 2016 – Lefkara Village Excursion 

M2R Cyprus 2016 – Welcome Dinner in Larnaca