Mediterranean Board Convention II 2015/16
Palermo, Italy

The second Mediterranean Board Convention of the Mediterranean Rotaract Multi District, which took place in Palermo from the 3rd to the 6th of March 2016, brought together the President of the Med MDIO Vera Damerjian, the Vice-President Paul Sampatakakis, the Social Media Coordinator Maria Vittoria Gargiulo, the Greek Country Rep. Kostas Imprialos, the Italian Country Rep. Gioia Arnone and Country Rep. of Montenegro Aleksandra Dragoslavic.


The idea of hosting the MBC in Palermo was promoted by the Italian Country Rep. of Med-MDIO, Gioia Arnone, past president of the Rotaract Club Palermo Ovest and immediately supported by District 2110 and the DRR of the other Italian districts that belong to the Med MDIO (D. 2100, 2071 and 2090).

For the realization of the event, the District Representative, together with the District 2110 Board and HOC – chaired by Vincenzo Matrone and composed by Gioia Arnone, Tommaso Di Matteo, Manfredi Domina, Teresa Giuffrè, Elizabetta Li Voti, Pierfrancesco Lo Iacono, Antonio Tumminello, Diana Testaverde and Simona Vivoli – worked with great commitment and team spirit to make these days absolutely unique and unforgettable.


Both guests and District members were able to appreciate, during the artistic tour that took place in the morning of March 4th, the mixture of different cultures that had always characterized the City of Palermo and the tastes of some culinary delights typical of the Palermo street-food.


During the Board meeting, which took place at the prestigious Red Room of the Normans Royal Palace, the Board Members of the Med MDIO, led by their President Vera Damerjian, discussed about the aims of the Mediterranean MultiDistrict and the common lines to be taken to improve the efforts of the Med MDIO in favor of the districts that compose it.


We cannot certainly forget the warm welcome of the Panormus Area, led by the Area Chairman Eliana Musotto: all the Presidents and members of the 18 palermitan Clubs organized a special party to welcome our friends of the Multidistrict. During that party, the Clubs of the Panormus Area fundraised for a service project in favor of a palermitan doctor aged 34, Ms Scarlett Madonia, who suffers from a rare disease, for which treatment is required an immediate hospitalization in a specialized structure in the United States of America.


The apex of the M. B. C. was in the morning of March 5, when took place the Mediterranean Sea Forum about “Migration and integration among Mediterranean countries”, held in the prestigious setting of the Sala delle Lapidi, inside the Palazzo delle Aquile (Eagles Hall), venue of the Municipality of Palermo.


And, here we are…. to draw some conclusions from these wonderful three-days meeting.

The young Rotaractors who took part in this international event had the opportunity to meet other “partners in service” of their local communities and create friendships, pursuing the goals of international understanding and peace among the peoples of the Mediterranean.

In a Europe increasingly characterized by the anti-European forces (see the recent decision on the so-called “Brexit”, the referendum that would call on the electorate to decide on Britain staying in the EU) and the decisions by some European states bordering the Mediterranean sea not particularly favorable to welcoming and solidarity with the refugees of the wars that are bloodying the countries of the Middle East and Africa bordering the so-called Mare Nostrum, we as members of the Rotaract Club of the Mediterranean MultiDistrict it seems that the solution to the recent problems that the Mediterranean is experiencing today is to find a weighted median decision: a path of reception and solidarity with war refugees, in respect of each national prerogatives, conscious of the fact that the values of service, peace and solidarity are the best “weapons” against all forms of oppression against people of our beautiful earth and our wonderful sea, over the centuries a source of cultural and commercial exchanges and nowadays a bloody sea witness of wars.

Gioia Arnone, Italian Country Representative Med-MDIO

Vincenzo Matrone, Rotaract 2110 International Service District Delegate



Gioia, the moment you insisted on hosting the MBC in Palermo, I knew you are gonna do great. I felt the motivation and I told myself: “Let it be”. And it was perfect, beyond words!!!

I’m very proud of where you are taking the Med.

It has been more than an honor and a sheer pleasure for my team and myself to attend such a great Mediterranean Board Convention organized by the Rotaract leaders of Sicily, District 2110.

Thank you DRR Edoardo Moreci, Country Representative for Italy at the Med MDIO Gioia Arnone, District International Coordinator Vincenzo Matrone, Palermo Municipality Member Tommaso Di Matteo and all the organizing committee members for the exceptional work they have done to make this weekend unforgettable.

Palermo is not just a city to me anymore, it has now become an honorable little home that I would always like to return to!

Thank you for the great efforts, for the gifts you presented and for hosting us in the best venues of the city.. I cannot find the right words to express my appreciation!

Until we meet again my friends!

Vera Damerjian


It has been a great pleasure for myself to attend the Mediterranean Board Convention of Rotaract MED MDIO in Palermo, organized by the Rotaract Distretto 2110 Sicilia – Malta. I would like to thank again from the bottom of my heart the DRR Edoardo Moreci, Country Representative for Italy Gioia Arnone, District International Coordinator Vincenzo Matrone, and of course each and every member of the HOC team for their huge efforts which made my 4th visit in Italy extraordinary! Once again I realized the true meaning of Rotaract and I owe this great feeling to my Italian friends! It was really awesome.

Paul Sampatakakis



MBC Palermo: our luggage back is so full of experience, love, friendship and… Food  Thank you to the HOC team, in particular Gioia and Vincenzo, and the DRR Edoardo, you’ve all done so much!!!! Thank you to my dear board mates… ‘Till next time!!!

Maria Vittoria Gargiulo


Guys, I wanted to thank you for the precious moments that we had together. I was so happy I had the chance to meet you all in person finally!!! To Gioia and all the team, thank you for getting us an exceptional MBC.

Thank you for holding such an outstanding MBC!

Hope I’ll see you again somewhere around the Med sea.

Let’s keep rocking, MedMDIO.

Kostas Imprialos


It was a perfect 3-days. And you gave us 100% of your time.

Thanks for everything.

Aleksandra Dragoslavic