Cairo Royal’s Tires Recycling!

Project Goal

The tires recycling project, a Mediterranean Nature project, aims to create something environmentally friendly and give back to the community with various uses. Our goal is to teach the children that waste materials can be recycled and reused again in various healthy and useful forms, and to reinforce how they can use resources wisely so they can consider new ways to give these products new life after they become obsolete.

Project description

The idea was to transform the tires into new usable items: flower pots, furniture (chairs and tables), and trash cans.

Tire reshaping needs elementary tools and some skills. We used videos and pictures on the internet to learn the technique of cutting and reshaping the tires.

It is done in simple 3 steps:

  1. Washing: Soap and brushes are used to wash the tires, which are then left in the sun to dry. Washing is an essential step as tires may be a host for bacteria and parasites.
  2. Workshop: This step includes cutting the tires into shapes and fixing them together. We used a saw to cut the tires, then a drilling machine to make holes. After that, they are fixed together using bolts and nuts.
  3. Painting: The last and the most fun of all is the painting. Three basic colors were used (blue, red and yellow) and the other colors were formed by mixing.

Once the new products were finished we let the children plant flowers etc in them and use them to decorate the garden and playground.

This project is considered a creative scheme in which many ideas were used and many hands cooperated. Thanks to all the participants (members, volunteers, and children) who worked on it, contributing to such a beautiful outcome. Moreover, we were very glad to create something beneficial to the orphanage and to put smile on children’s’ faces.

We recommend other clubs to work on a same project as it is simple in its planning and implementation, and very useful to the environment and extremely fun. We can support with videos and ideas and all the help they need.

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Anyone interested can contact us at any time for information or to discuss potential collaboration:

Ivan Miskdjian (Project Leader),          

Treasurer, Rotaract Cairo Royal



Shady Alfons Elmairy (Assistant)

Member, Rotaract Cairo Royal



Dina Gazayerli

President, Rotaract Cairo Royal



Menna Arafa

Past President, Rotaract Cairo Royal