Med MDIO Oustanding Project Awards 2016/17
2nd Prize
Aggiungi un posto a tavola
Rotaract Club Campus Salerno dei Due Principati, Italy

The Rotaract Club Campus Salerno dei Due Principati from RD 2100, Italy won with its MED Dinner project Aggiungi un posto a tavola the 2nd Prize for the  MED MDIO Outstanding Project Awards 2016/17! The Club received its award during the Mediterranean Convention (MEDICON) 2017 which took place in Makarska last April!

“Add another place at the table [because] there’s a friend more If you move your chair just a little You’ll be comfortable, too Friends serve [this purpose]: To be together [in company] Smile at the new guest Don’t send him away Share your food Redouble your happiness.”

Those are the chorus lyric of the leading song of the Italian Musical “Aggiungi un posto a tavola” which inspired Rotaract Campus Salerno Dei Due Principati the project that takes its name. Many Clubs have joined the project:

Rotaract Alexandria Cosmopolitan, RD 2451 Egypt
Rotaract Club Budva, RD 2483 Montenegro
Rotaract Club of Limassol Amathusia, RD 2452 Cyprus
Rotaract Club of Nicosia, RD 2452 Cyprus
Rotaract Club Nocera Inferiore Apudmontem, RD 2100 Italy
Rotaract Club Nola – Pomigliano d’Arco, RD 2100 Italy
Rotaract Club Palmi, RD 2100 Italy
Rotaract Salerno Duomo, RD 2100 Italy
Rotaract Club Sorrento, RD 2100 Italy
Rotaract Club Tropea, RD 2100 Italy
Rotaract Tunis Business School, RD 9010 Tunisia

Each Club sent two traditional recipes of its region and received two traditional recipes from two different clubs, they then cooked and enjoyed them!!
Here are the recipes:

The main idea of the project what to share tradition and culture starting from one of the thing that what we mediterranean do best: eat great food!

Sharing and enjoying our traditional dishes, experimenting with different food from what we are used to has been a great experience, which managed to bring us closer, as a club and as clubs of different countries.

Thank you to everyone who joined!

By clicking on the following link, you can find all the attached photos of the winning project!

The Italian Rotaractor from Rotaract Club Campus Salerno dei Due Principati, current Med MDIO Sergeant at Arms and Incoming Med MDIO President 2017/18 Maria Vittoria Gargiulo receives the Award from the Med MDIO President Paul Sampatakakis during the MEDICON 2017 Croatia.