5 Years of MED MDIO: Bilal Al Ayoubi

My name is Bilal Al Ayoubi and I served as a Rotaractor for 11 years between 2004 and 2015 when I turned 30 and became an alumni.

During these amazing years I traveled a lot around the region especially the middle East and Europe and always dreamt to have a more structural relationship between our districts. I shared this dream with past DRR Moataz Sharmy who also had in mind a similar idea involving Arab districts. So when I was approached by part DRR Housni Idrissi from D9010 who was in contact with PDRR Fransesco De Fransesco from Italy we directly started building the foundations of the MED MDIO.

The first event I joined was the Pompei “Mediterranean Sea of Peace” even where we signed along with a Spanish district the initial documents celebrating our newborn MDIO.
When I think back about that event and what the MDIO became on now, I believe that it was worth every effort especially by the District 2450 (now 2451 and 2452) committee members Vera Demerijian (who later became MDIO chairwoman for two terms) and Dina Gazayerli. Both ladies gave the needed attention and follow up for the MDIO to flourish after we did the initial steps to make it happen. Without sustainability the best ideas in Rotary can last a maximum of one year and then weather away. This is why we should be proud of everyone’s effort to keep it growing and support it to grow stronger for the next five years.
Unfortunately I will not be able to join the celebration in Rhodes but I’m hoping that one day soon I can join one of the MEDICONS or other events of the MDIO.
Especially if that place or city is a new place for me to visit in the lovely Mediterranean sea that joins us all.
Happy anniversary and to many more to come!

Bilal Al Ayoubi

Past RI Rotaract and Interact Committee member